Aquarium Maintenance Service

Aquarium Center provides expert care and service for your home and/or business. We provide our clients with beautiful aquariums, weather it’s a reef, fish only system (fresh & salt), or a koi point.

Aquarium Center provides free initial consultations for our customers. The knowledgeable staff work alongside our customers to determine which environment will be the best match. No system is too big or too small. We design, install, and maintain aquariums from 10 to 1000 gallons.

We manage freshwater, saltwater, reef tanks, koi ponds, and lakes. We also maintain lobster tanks and decorative water fountains. Our service is organized to accommodate your feature, your schedule and your budget. Call 770-851-9047 today for an estimate.

Commercial and Residential aquiarums and ponds require maintenance that directly effects the health o the inhabitants and beauty of the display.

Each Aquarium Visit Includes:

  • Clean exterior and interior aquarium surface
  • Rake and siphon debris from gravel bottom
  • Change chemical filtration media
  • Clean overflow filtration pads
  • Empty Protein Skimmer collection cup
  • Clean cover and light fixtures of algae and salt deposits
  • Remove and clean decorative corals, rocks, plastic plants, and ornaments
  • Check inventory of food
  • Check color, smell, and temperature of water
  • Top off water
  • Visual check of equipment, air and water flow
  • Visual check of fish for head count, disease, swimming and breathing rates

Koi Pond Visit Includes

  • Detail cleaning of interior
  • Clean and backwash filter
  • Rake the bottom floor and partial water change